Here at SKYNOOR we believe that the world has become a single community as a result of the technology such as the internet, mobile phones and satellite bringing awareness of Sri Lanka Island will create wonderful opportunity to share our vision and enhance our presence in a beautiful and natural Island and allow us an opportunity to generate strong earning growth.

          Of course nothing can be achieved without team works and planning- in SKYNOOR we place a considerable effort on a feeling for humanity and a vision to a better way of life for the people . We are making a huge contribution to the development of Sri Lanka with the perfect mix of engineering and business expertise for a unique mix use development.

          This Prime Development site is located in Kandakkuliya, Sri Lanka, a parcel of land that is largest tract in the north of Colombo. The parcel is comprised of 1,000 acres situated on the shore of Indian Ocean. The land is a prime property due to the key nature of the location providing outstanding natural setting of the island jutting out into the shore of the Indian Ocean, the landscaping of natural lagoon of the coastal  inlets, fringed by white-sandy beaches and the aquarium ocean.


          Sri Lanka has had a continious record of settled and civilized life for more than two millennia. The content and direction of the civilization has been shaped by that of the Indian subcontinent.

          The island's two major ethnic groups, the Sinhalese and the Tamils, and its two dominant religious cultures, Buddhist and Hindu, made their way onto the island from India.


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